• Vicky Butterfly

    Vicky Butterfly

    “Part Burlesque starlet, part innovative performance artiste, part music hall Vaudevillian, and all dreamer… Whether it’s clouds of butterflies that fly out from her clothes as […]
  • Verity Grey

    Verity Grey

    Verity Grey is a burlesque dancing starlet based in the Midlands, who bridges the gap between classic and neo burlesque with ease. Recently crowned Miss East […]
  • Talulah Blue

    Talulah Blue

    INTERNATIONAL SHOWGIRL AND FIRE EATING FOLLIE Talulah Blue Talulah Blue is one of Agent Burlieque’s most sort after burlesque artists. Talulah regularly works for Agent Burlieque […]
  • Porcelain Delaney

    Porcelain Delaney

    Porcelain Delaney Porcelain is a modern day sideshow sensation. Starting her career as a professional dancer Porcelain quickly broadened her skills to include burlesque, sideshow and circus. […]
  • Pinky DeVille

    Pinky DeVille

    Performing since 2009, Pinky is the “Jewel of Burlesque” international ecdysiast, rock and roll showgirl with a nod to the golden age performers of the past. […]
  • Peggy De Lune

    Peggy De Lune

    Peggy De Lune is an award-winning international burlesque performer who’s awards include: Most Comedic at Milan Burlesque Awards Best British Newcomer 2012 at World Burlesque Games […]
  • Peaches and Cream

    Peaches and Cream

    Together, showgirl artistes Pixie Meadows and Gabrielle Belle form ‘Peaches and Cream’ – the burlesque double act extraordinaire! With five years worth of international dancing experience […]
  • Missy Malone

    Missy Malone

    Missy Malone is a heady 1950’s inspired bombshell . A highly accomplished and sought-after performer on the UK burlesque scene for over 10 years and who […]
  • Miss Anticipation

    Miss Anticipation

    Miss Anticipation Performer name; Miss Anticipation Neo-burlesque- variety- character/comedy// Gorelesque/Halloween // Rockabilly// 80’s // Fetish Location- Bournemouth, Dorset Performing regularly since 2009 Biography “With her roots […]
  • Marnie Scarlet

    Marnie Scarlet

    Marnie Scarlet is the Scarlet Diva of Fetish- cabaret! Renowned for her fabulously larger-than-life costumes and looks and twistedly deviant shows, Marnie will shock and tantalise. […]
  • Lulu Vesper

    Lulu Vesper

    Lulu Vesper An accomplished cabaret singer and burlesque performer, Lulu Vesper embraces modern pinup and classic Hollywood glamour. Having been a singer her whole life, Lulu trained with […]
  • Lou Leigh Blue

    Lou Leigh Blue

    The B-movie merkin queen of burlesque’ Quirky and cheeky, this little harlot offers you a mischievous style of bump and grind burlesque. With a bewitching smile […]
  • Jolie Papillon

    Jolie Papillon

    Jolie Papillon Jolie Papillon is an award-winning burlesque artist and one Europe’s most highly skilled showgirls. An exquisite dancer, choreographer and pin-up model, Jolie trained at […]
  • Havana Hurricane

    Havana Hurricane

    Havana Hurricane is the shimmy shaking, earthquaking whirlwind hailing from the UK. A rising star on the UK burlesque scene Havana’s vivacious take on good ol’ […]
  • Harley Fox

    Harley Fox

    Harley Fox is a creative and passionate model, actor and performer that specializes in hula hoop dancing, fire dancing and burlesque dancing. She began dancing at […]
  • Ginger La Rouge

    Ginger La Rouge

    Ginger is a burlesque dancer who has been a burlesque performer since 2007. A trained gymnast, she incorporates wide ranging elements into her acts, using elaborate […]
  • Ginger Cupcake

    Ginger Cupcake

    “Sweeter than sugar and cuter than a basketful of puppies, Ginger Cupcake combines comedy with classic cheesecake burlesque and takes gurning to a whole new level!” […]
  • Giddy Heights

    Giddy Heights

    Miss Giddy Heights Press: ‘International burlesque dynamo’ Time Out ‘Giddy Heights is all about irresponsible enjoyment. Skipping between London’s high and low lives, she can shimmy […]
  • Felicity Furore

    Felicity Furore

    Felicity performs at venues around the UK and abroad including Proud Cabaret, Soho Burlesque Club, Rah Rah Rooms, Hundred Watt Club, and The Crazy Bear. Her cheeky […]
  • Demelza Fox

    Demelza Fox

    Demelza Fox Demelza Fox is an exquisite multi-talented performer who enraptures audiences with her mesmerising dancing and show-stopping stage presence. As a Burlesque Dancer, Demelza Fox […]
  • CeCe Sinclair

    CeCe Sinclair

    Cece is a passionate, high energy burlesque dancer with a sassy bump and grind. Influenced by the Golden era of burlesque dancing Cece blends together the […]
  • Carmen Mon Oxide

    Carmen Mon Oxide

    Opera, vintage, jazz, musical theatre singer. Compere, Whip cracking, straitjacket escape, broken glass walking, burlesque, tassel twirling. ‘A pneumatic amazon who sings a pitch-perfect aria while […]
  • Candy Valentina

    Candy Valentina

    Candy Valentina is a red headed temptress who leaves audiences feeling hot under the collar with her energetic strip tease shows. This unique burlesque dancer performs […]
  • Brazen Bijoux

    Brazen Bijoux

    Brazen Bijoux Bio: A bold and sassy performer who is as Brazen as her name! Her no-holds-barred acts vary from Old School Razzmatazz to Feisty Modern Raunch. She will […]