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Bloomsbury Ballroom Entertainment

A call from organisers from a charity function taking place last Saturday at The Bloomsbury Ballroom London led to a burlesque casting which included burlesque dancers in huge Martini Glasses,Fire Eaters
Hooping performers, unbelievably accomplished circus acts and finally on to fire performers and fire breathers.

The clients for the charity function carefully selected their ideal performer for their charity fundraiser watching all the videos of performers that Agent Burlieque sent over and finally made the decision to go for the amazing Snake Fervor.

Snake is a fire breathing, body burning, fire swallowing, fire sword performer who is also skilled in rose swallowing (previously sword swallowing) and side show performance. She has often been seen on the London Cabaret scene with a tea pot of sambucca and a very long straw which she is able to put through her mouth and out of her nose; Snake is certainly not for the faint hearted.
The organisers wanted the entertainment at the Bloomsbury Ballroom to leave an impact and appeal to the 700 strong audience of 20-35 year olds. The feedback we got from Snake’s three lots of fire performance was immense and the organisers were very impressed with Snake’s fire skills.

Flame 350Fire performance is certainly an impressive skills and Snake can perform with a huge amount of fire swords and holds many Guinness world records for the most fire eaten in under one minute amongst others.

Booking London Fire Eaters and breathers can be made by contacting Agent Burlieque casting agent at

You will be sent a careful selection of fire breathers or fire performers that are fully insured with both fire insurance and Public Liability Insurance for you to chose from. You are then welcome to make your selection from the fire performers we have sent your way or indeed request further performers to choose from.

Agent Burlieque make sure that all our performers are carefully selected not only for their skill but their professionalism and their friendly attitude. We guarantee that your selected performer will always be representative of your event and will always do you proud leaving great memories for your guests or audience of your event.

An unusual or unique entertainment twist is what Agent Burlieque mostly supply for clients; what better way for your guests to remember your event and let it go down in history.

Snake Fevor, London Fire Breathers

photo: Meriel 5