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Bobby from TOWIE visited Agent Burlieque

A few weeks ago we at Agent Burlieque were lucky enough to be invited to perform for the relaunch of Bears Boutique Bowling in Ipswich by the wonderful and handsome proprietor, Charlie Manning of Manning Amusements in Felixstowe.

Bobby and Talulah Blue

Bobby and Talulah Blue

Set in a back street in Ipswich is the exceptional Bears boutique bowling, fabulous fruity cocktails and excellent authentic American cuisine we were to decorate the place with burlesque beauty and in particular perform in the VIP area for Bobby from Towie.

Talulah Blue the jaw dropping burlesque beauty and costumier came to perform for us with authentic and gorgeous burlesque. Talulah has the art of the tease down to a tee and her ability to capture a crowd is always wonderful. Mixs that up with the International vaudevillian performer Lou Safire ( The London Burlesque Festival, Twisted Cabaret and Stockholm burlesque festival) and we were on to a winner.

The highlight of the evening was Lou Safire and Talulah Blue’s fire duo extravaganza outside. With Talulah wearing little more than an exceptional burlesque outfit hand crafted by her she held two flaming torches. Spinning the fire around in poi like fashion and body burning were the most impressive, tricks, as they say, fire performer don’t need to wax! Lou Safire took in huge mouthfuls of paraffin which he spat out ith expert skill to create a big burning ball of fire which shocked and impressed the audience gathered outside bears boutique bowling.

Agent Burlieque loved the evening and of course meeting Bobby from TOWIE. Bobby sure loved Talulah and Lou’s performances and clapped and cheered throughout the burlesque, side show and the fire performances. If you would like to book fire performers, burlesque performers or side show for your launch party or any other event then make sure you contact Sapphire Rox the Creative Director of Agent Burlieque at

We’re looking forward to going back soon and can certainly recommend it for an excellent evening out.

To check out Bears Botique Bowling take a trip to their website by clicking here.