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Brazen Bijoux

Bio: A bold and sassy performer who is as Brazen as her name! Her no-holds-barred acts vary from Old School Razzmatazz to Feisty Modern Raunch. She will tease her audience into a frenzy with her crowd pleasing routines and fun and fearless personality and whether you want to be seduced by classic Jazz or taken to Havana for some fun in the sun you will be sure to have a memorable time in Brazens pleasurable company.

Background and Experience: Brazen has over 25 years of dance experience in ballet, tap, modern and Jazz and has performed in front of audiences her entire life at events and shows around the UK.

She is also one fifth of Burlesque Legend Goodtime Mama Jojo’s Hot new Burlesque Troupe ‘Mama’s Girls’ and one third of the Showgirl Collective ‘The Framettes’.