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image6As a young girl, I’ve always found my self struggling with self confidence, looking in the mirror and hating myself. It got to the point where I would stop eating normally and just go the gym and never stop trying to reach this unethical view of perfection.

This carried on over the years of being a teenager, then one day I met my fairy god mothers. It was the weekend of the Big Burlesque event I met the crazy Burlesque Beauties of Suffolk. With these lot including the one and only Saph Rox, I got thrown in….

This weekend opened my eyes to the wonderful world of burlesque that I wanted to go to so badly. I had an addiction to the life style, the fun, the glitter,the glamour and most importantly the attitude! I kept in contact with all the Agent Burlieque team. After a month of just planning my burlesque world and then dreaming of it, Saph Rox and the Burlesque team ran a 6 week burlesque course in Suffolk.

image5The weeks were full of everything I wanted and so much more. However the thing I most enjoyed from doing this course was the uplifting confidence it gave me, and not only me but all others in the course. This course entilited learning lots of new skills, with learning the basics of stripping, makeup, poise, stage presence, and most importantly confidence boosting activities. On the course I watched all these beautiful women get more confident each week, as they ‘shook a tail feather.’

Then it was show time, after 6 weeks of learning it was debut time. After dreaming about this moment for so long, I did it, I got up on stage and dos my thing.

I had the bug, the burlesque bug, this bug hasn’t left me, it’s infected every aspect of my life!

The burlesque course had me hooked. The best part though, I look in the mirror. I love what I see. I love the shapes my body makes, the curve which I used to hate. My boobs are not perfect, but then I remember, damn they make a tassel twirl though!

Saph Rox and her team, have these amazing magic wands, that give the most uplifting confidence. For that I can never thank them enough. Now I’m a newbie stepping into this glitter full world and I’m completely In love with burlesque, and more importantly I’m completely now In love with myself.

image4Thank you #Agent Burlieque

With Love

Baby Boo

Baby Boo is NOW available to take bookings throughout the UK by contacting Saph Rox through our contact form or by calling 07720 781 298.