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Bring on the circus!

We at Agent Burlieque are very often lucky enough to work with charitable causes and fundraisers which bring in income for much needed services and causes. We were kindly asked to create a bespoke circus show for a luxury circus ball in aid of charity in Much Hadham in Herts.

The show was to take place in an authentic red and white striped double tiered circus big top which can be hired through Agent Burlieque.  The event is a yearly luxury event which encourages black tie and ballgowns and high end luxury entertainment.

Given the task of creating a show to blow minds and raise money is always exiting and we looked at the potential performers we could have for such an event.

As we have an extensive knowledge of circus performers; those who work in the travelling circus, those who work worldwide in the best circus themed clubs, theatrical performances, cabarets, cruise ships, luxury hotels and members clubs we have plenty to chose from and our knowledge of the circus scene is strong as well as our ability to stage manage all different skills which means we can provide the client with pretty much anything circus themed they are asked for.

Here are a few circus related skills we can provide;

Trapeze artists

Aerial silk performers

Hula hoop performers both male and female, jaw dropping or hilarious

Stilt walkers with themes such as Alice in Wonderland equipped with The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts

Jugglers who can trip and flip any matter of items such as chairs and tables and of course the typical balls and knives!

Bouncy stilt performers who flip and trip over one another bouncing high and performing a unique style of modern circus performance

Clown and mime entertainers. The silliest of all they engage with audiences of all ages to bring hilarity to any event

Contortionists who can bend and move themselves in to small areas and stretch and extend in the weirdest of ways

Giant bubble blowers who can blow bubbles up to six feet long

Acro balancers and acro yoga performers who can theme performances to include Elves or cats or mermaids and mermen and perform in groups of two or more and create amazing shapes patterns and routines

Real life mermaids and mermen with stilt walking giant sailors

Sword swallowers

Vaudevillian Victoriana steam punk performers

We also specialise in the random walkabout characters you see at festivals and street fairs; giant babies, enormous stilt walking flowers or odd people who can ride tiny bikes!

We worked closely with the client of the black tie charity ball and came up with the perfect line up of gorgeous singing compere, acrobatic acro-balancers, burlesque fan dancers, hula hooping circus dancers, contortionists and a sword swallower not to mention the fire performers and up close magicians!

The event was a huge success and raised many thousands of pounds for the charity.

We love producing shows in Big Tops. Bring on the circus!

For circus hire, circus acts, circus performers, circus events please contact Agent Burlieque on 07720 781298 who will carefully work with you to plan the most perfect acts for your event all with full stage management so you can enjoy your event as one of the guests.