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Ipswich Art Festival

This week’s endeavours now the fabulous Ipswich Art Festival and the many fabulous events Agent Burlieque put on are over until next year, will be mostly concentrating on Burlesque Hen Parties in Ipswich and Suffolk. Our ladies are all in for an exceptional treat as not only have they chosen to add a cocktail tasting session and cocktails mixology class to their burlesque hen party but they have chosen to have the hottest of the hot; a burlesque butler.

That’s right; right here in Ipswich, a burlesque hen party with a burlesque butler. But what is a burlesque butler?’ I hear you cry…well it is a fine and special thing.Burly Butler

A burlesque butler is very hot, friendly and scantily clad. Only a dicky bow and smart black trousers he donnes and the obvious and essential burlesque butler tattoos which pretty up his lovely chest.

But what does he do?’ I hear you cry… Well this week’s special burleque butler at the hen party in Ipswich will be on call for every whim the Bride to be might have. Forget a stripper, this is far far better.  A beautiful man with a smile on his face will serve you drinks all evening wearing very little. He will help adjust stockings each time you put them on and take them off. He will strap you in to your steel boned waist training corset all supplied by Agent Burlieque for hen parties. He will make sure your white burlesque veil sits just right and rhinestones are all as they should be.

Burly ButlerThen he will look pretty and he will smile at you while you learn the shimmy and call you by your burlesque name while he serves you exceptional cocktails.

You will be treated like the bride you will be, by someone other than your fiancé for the last time. A fabulous way of saying goodbye to the single life in a cheeky way without anything too naughty.

Some of our girls chose to enjoy our hen parties with a little ‘drawing’ on the side. What might this entail?’ I hear you cry…It includes a life drawing class, with yes, you’ve guessed it; one of our gorgeous burlesque butlers. While you and your friends laugh your heads off our one of our burlesque butlers will pose in the nude while you sketch him in all his glory. Much naughtier than your average burlesque butler and yet still passable when explaining it to the all-important man in your life.

What else do you do at your burlesque hen parties in Ipswich or Suffolk?’ I hear you cry….well we (expert and established burlesque performers, (if you’re lucky the creative producer and director of Agent Burlieque Sapphire Rox herself might come an throw you a party) will arrive with vintage suitcases full of exciting hen party outfits. The outfits include an outfit for the Bride to be to include a white rhinestoned steel boned waist training corset and a fifties veil to w ear if you so wish while learning your moves.

We play many burlesque hen party games to relax your guests and help them to get in to the party atmosphere and develop confidence, the essential ingredient in all burlesque performers.Hen

We eliminate any element of cheesiness and concentrate only on fine luxurious hen parties. We devise authentic burlesque names and learn traditional burlesque moves such as the shimmy, bump and grind and how to tassel twirl while still wearing clothing.

We always remain dressed and just remove satin gloves, stockings and neck ties or feather boas. A group routine and plenty of fun and games round off the evening perfectly and we can hold burlesque hen parties at any time of the day or evening.  If you are feeling very daring we can also arrange to have a male burlesque performer to come and do a spin for you and your hens. A kissogram or a beautiful male burlesque butler can serenade your hen and you can add pin up photography and pin up hair and make up to your burlesque hen party package.

Hen-300x225So why chose Agent Burlieque for your burlesque hen party? Agent Burlieque are one of the most established names on the UK Burlesque circuit in both production and burlesque training. We contract an exceptional amount of burlesque performers throughout the UK for both our Agency and production company. If you want burlesque and you want authentic real burlesque and not a cheap knock off then Agent Burlieque can and will supply it.

Under no circumstance ever would Agent Burlieque ever supply you with a dance teacher for your burlesque hen party.  A dance teacher could not begin to teach you the art of burlesque. A dance teacher might teach you what they think burlesque is but they will never be able to teach you the real inner workings of what make up a burlesque act. We at Agent Burlieque give you the inner secrets of the burlesque world. How to tassel twirl in different directions, how and why to remove items of clothing, how to really feel and be sexy.

If you would like your Hen party to be memorable in all ways and not feel let down afterwards by what is essentially a dance class then booking Agent Burlieque for your hen party is the right thing for you.

Accept no imitations. All of our burlesque performers are exceptional. From award winning Burlesque hall of fame in Vegas performers to guinness world record breaking fire eaters we are expert in our field.

On top of this each and every one of our burlesque teachers are carefully selected because they are relaxed and very friendly.

We at Agent Burlieque guarantee a luxurious and glamorous time with our friendly burlesque teachers. Hen parties with Agent Burlieque really are something to remember for ever.
Hen parties are available in the following locations

Burlesque Hen Parties in Bury St Edmunds
Burlesque Hen Parties in Ipswich
Burlesque Hen Parties in Newmarket
Burlesque Hen Parties in Beccles
Burlesque Hen Parties in Colchester
Burlesque Hen Parties in Hadleigh
Burlesque Hen Parties in Woodbridge
Burlesque Hen Parties in Eye
Burlesque Hen Parties in Norwich
Burlesque Hen Parties in Chelmsford
Burlesque Hen Parties Essex
Burlesque Hen Parties Norfolk
Burlesque Hen Parties Suffolk

If you are going away for your hen party we are very happy to travel and welcome you to email the director of Agent Burlieque with your enquiry.

With love and fire

Saph Rox

Creative Director

Agent Burlieque