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So have we been busy at Agent Burlieque towers!!


This week sees six Agent Burlieque performers working closely with Woody Harrelson in his direction debut Lost In London. 


Woody hand picked the burlesque performers, Flamenco Dancer, Flamenco guitarist and Aerialist from many we sent for the super star to look at. 


Woods picked three stunning brunettes, Katrina Darling, Eliza Delite and Vicky Butterfly. All three girls will be performing with feathers on the night of the 19th January 2017 for what is to be the very first live streaming of a film shot with one camera. It is to be broadcast at 1:30am and streamed to five hundred American cinemas and one in the shoot.


Casting for films Saph Rox has had a whale of a time and has thoroughly enjoyed the process.


Starring alongside our burlesque girls and performers are Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson. 


post woody harrelson contentThere has been an increase in enquiries for burlesque performers in films over the past few months including requirements for fashion shoots.  We have cast the following roles for films and an American TV series called Will about Will Shakespeare made by the producers of the Great Gatsby:



Topless prostitutes 

Circus performers

Burlesque performers

Little people with a ‘mangina’!

Satanic dancers

Gold glad performers for an opium den orgy scene


We tend to find that our performers suit unusual, unique and quirky castings and when casting agents require something -a little out of the ordinary they come to us!


We have a huge database of unique performers, actors, dancers, showgirls and can source fully tattooed, fully pierced, snake tongued, snake dancing, body popping teapot jugglers if required!!


post woody harrelson gal 1This weekend we are filming for a new autobiographical film by Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) for a Hollywood movie shot in England. It will be premiered in September and we’ll be sure to upload some pics!


For castings please call 07720 781298 or email