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Bespoke Events

Bespoke luxury events are our forte and expertise and we relish the opportunity to work with high end clients for luxury events to deliver burlesque entertainment that leaves our clients and their guests in awe.

To be invited to provide the entertainment for top Property Developer Consero London in one of their most recent builds in the enviable position of St Georges Hill, Weybridge Surrey where houses fetch on average of £5.5 million was certainly a high point for Agent Burlieque.

Photos by Neil Kendall 

Partnered with Bentley, Consero have built prestigious homes for clients from all over the world and have won awards from The Daily Mail amongst others.

Consero’s team called Agent Burlieque Director Saph Rox to carefully create a stunning evening of delectable burlesque simply dripping with expense, there was no rhinestone left unturned.

As always Saph Rox, Creative director of Agent Burlieque carefully cast from the country’s  finest burlesque performers and came up with a wonderfully entertaining yet sumptuously sophisticated line up.

The grounds of the house were ginormous and beautifully kept with Bentleys in the drive and chauffeurs ready to take their guests to whichever avenue they required.

We were given the instruction of providing music and to be played in the stunning marble entranceway which was big enough to house 24 of the richest people in china who has been flown in to purchase property and Bentley’s. We felt that a harpist would be perfect and made sure she was adorned with flowing renaissance clothing and a beauty that would be fitting in ay lavish party line up.  The canapés served and the guests plied with the very best champagne the guests stepped into the garden where a string quartet were playing.

The drinks reception was in the vast garden on the Consero home and we decorated it with a burlesque quartet. Beautiful with ruby red lips, high split black skirts and a repertoire to replicate the finest English |Country Garden party the quartet played as the 24 richest people in China came in to dine and taste the Louis 14th Brandy at £600 a glass.

During the quartet two separate guests took charge of a stringed instrument and showed us their talent, strumming perfectly with the remainder of the quartet.

After dinner came the burlesque show; a short and very beautiful selection of burlesque performances. We had Fifi La Boom, a young curvy Australian who has performed burlesque many times for Agent Burlieque shows and has a cheeky pizzazz and is simply full of life. Her burlesque is charismatic and authentic and has audiences tapping their foot to the music and smiling along with her. It is impossible not to love life when Fifi is performing.

Talulah Blue’s delicate and sensual fan dancing burlesque decorated the sumptuous room and both Talulah and Fifi performed an off the cuff burlesque dance with huge white Ostrich Feather fans.

The clients were delighted and the audience blown away by the gorgeous entertainment.

Working with high end luxury clients to provide their ideal burlesque show burlesque dancers and burlesque entertainement is what we do best and we work hard to make sure that we deliver exceptional bespoke shows time and time again. No two shows are the same and we make sure that our clients are extrememely happy with the act selections before the show which they carefully hand pick themselves.

Agent Burlieque produce shows for birthday parties, weddings, hen and stag do’s, corporate parties, media events, product launches and for all types of entertainment for get togethers, street entertainment and parties.

To book burlesque dancers for your event please go to the contact form and we will get back to you shortly. Alternatively feel free to call us on 07720 781 298.