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Porcelain Delaney

Porcelain is a modern day sideshow sensation. Starting her career as a professional dancer Porcelain quickly broadened her skills to include burlesque, sideshow and circus. With a Credits that vary from acting as Rigoletto’s daughter in the opera, eating glass, performing freak show and fire at Cirque Le Soir Dubai and dancing in many Bollywood films such as Housefull 3. With such variety a booking with Porcelain is always exciting! Porcelains current skill set include: dance, showgirl, burlesque, acting, aerial hoop, stilt waling, angle grinding, fire performance, glass walking and eating, human blockhead, human pincushion and many other shocking sideshow feats of wonder. This is the classically trained dancer that now puts cigarettes out on her tongue without ever flinching, in fact I think she might like it!

Photo 1: Flower stilts Doug Smith aka flashbangwallop

Photo 2: Girl in a Bottle: none professional picture

Photo 3 & 4: None professional performing at hard rock hell on behalf of area 51

Other Pictures: Cirque le soir Dubai in house photography

Video: Self shot