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A bit about Sapphire Rox

Sapphire Rox is the founder of Agent Burlieque. Having discovered the outstanding underground burlesque scene in London Sapphire took to throwing herself into the burlesque industry; working every hour god sent to learn all there is to know about the burlesque scene.

Sapphire is now a fount of burlesque knowledge. Highly experienced and very well thought of in the burlesque industry Sapphire is responsible for producing, promoting, stage managing, marketing, publicising, teaching, mentoring and is very experienced at burlesque client management.

Having produced small and large shows alike for business lunches, Army Functions, birthday parties, out, festivals, charity days, University Balls, exclusive gentlemen’s evenings and corporate get togethers Sapphire is well versed in what the client wants and works tirelessly to deliver every time.

Sapphire Rox carefully selects performers from all over the country to fit with individual briefs and goes on to stage manage each show with her team of highly experienced technicians, stage management teams, performers, walkabout entertainers and of course exceptional burlesque performers and show girls.

Sapphire Rox has a natural gift as a burlesque teacher. Believing that each person has the ability to be a unique performer with their very own burlesque act she teaches individuality and that within you, the student, you have the ability (once given the confidence and the knowledge behind what makes a successful burlesque act) to devise your own routine.

Believing that there is no ‘one true voice’ of burlesque and therefore there is not just one person/burlesque teacher who is able to teach what is a multi skilled discipline Sapphire brings in multiple performers to teach at her courses The Art of Burlesque.

Sapphire has successfully launched a number of burlesque performers on to the burlesque circuit after mentoring and teaching them the intricate knowledge that goes in to being burlesque performers.

Past students have gone on to working as professional burlesque performers and it is the aim of The Art of Burlesque course that as a student you are given the opportunity to become burlesque performers if you work hard and have what it takes.

Typically it takes a couple of years to become established on the burlesque circuit but with costuming tuition, confidence building, act development including unique elements which you learn on the burlesque course you will be in a valuable place once you complete your first two week course.

Within the burlesque industry Saph (as she is often known) has a good and solid reputation for creating jobs within the industry, working with the very best performers in the UK scene, paying performers well and for her knowledge as a stage manager, Agent, teacher, mentor and business woman.

Creativity is key in the burlesque industry as is moving forward and Saph is responsible for creating numerous events throughout the country with burlesque at the hub as well as the creation of The Big Burlesque Event/Convention and The Burlesque Awards which will take place in 2016 and then every year thereafter.

Sapphire relishes her work, bouncing out of bed each morning. She has a can do attitude and no job is too big. Going out of her way to help new performers and those who would like to put on burlesque events and need guidance, Saph is working in her dream industry and will continue to move the industry forward from the inside out.

Sapphire has worked with multiple clients and has contracted hundreds of performers to work for unique shows including Velma Von Bon Bon, Havana Hurricane, Meth, Reuben Kaye, Khandie Khisses, Bambi Blue, Talulah Blue, Lou Safire, Rose Thorne, Diva Hollywood, Aurora Blue, Cece Sinclair, Em Brulee, Vivacity Bliss, Miss Cairo, Lili SnatchDragon, Jo King, The Folly Mixtures, Cabaret Rouge, Aurora Galore, Peggy De Lune, Daisy Black, Constance Peach and many many more.

If you would like a team of highly experienced burlesque professionals who are highly experienced at burlesque event coordination including decor, event management, stage management and performance then please get in contact with Sapphire Rox who would be very happy to help with any aspect of your event or tuition.

Sapphire Rox

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