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Steve Bullen

The Magic Ball Man is a highly skilled contact juggler whose performances mesmerise and enchant audiences of all ages and transcend language barriers.

A background in martial arts training lends a fluidity and control to his performances that recall the harmony of tai chi.

Contact juggling or crystal ball manipulation is a combination of skill, precision, timing and movement working in harmony to create the illusion that the ball is gliding and floating, even defying gravity.

Available for stage shows, mix and mingle, walkabout and meet and greet.

He offers a variety of costumes for themed events and can tailor performances to suit client requirements.

Costumes include:

The Icicle King – Add a frosty touch to your event with this crystal ball juggling winter wonderland character. Also available as a duo accompanied by the Snow Princess on the harp.
The Wizard – Dark and mysterious manipulator of crystal spheres…this character is perfect for Fantasy events and for medieval fairs and festivals
The Mad Hatter – zany and colourful, based on the Johnny Depp version of the character. Perfect for Alice in Wonderland themed events or festivals.
French Mime – a playful mix and mingle character who through mime and crystal ball manipulation will bring an element of fun to any event.
Jareth The Goblin King – remember David Bowie in the film Labyrinth? Well now you can have your very own Jareth at your event to enchant your guests. Also available as a duo accompanied by Sarah on the harp.

Testimonials …

“The balls have a life of their own: floating above the ground or rising into the air, apparently under their own volition, as he dances and weaves around them.”

Stephen Lewis

York Press

“The Magic Ball Man performed at the Eden Project during August (our busiest period of the year) and we were very impressed. The act is mesmerising and holds people of all ages spell-bound.It provided a fantastic welcome and entertained thousands of visitors with no language barrier. We would not hesitate to book him again.”

Nathan Mansbridge

Visitor Experience Manager, Eden Project

“It’s the unplanned little happenings that you stumble across at festivals which make the day. FFA were particularly impressed with The Magic Ball Man (no seriously) fascinating the crowds over the weekend with some virtuoso contact juggling. It had to be seen to be believed. Excellent stuff.”

Barrie Dimond

Festivals For Al