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Talulah Blue

Talulah Blue is one of Agent Burlieque’s most sort after burlesque artists. Talulah regularly works for Agent Burlieque at burlesque events to include corporate parties, private events, birthday parties and cabarets. She is an outstanding burlesque performer and fire performer and takes inspiration from old school bump and grind performers. Talulah never fails to deliver and has performed for very high end clients including a most recent event at the glamorous London Venue One Marylebone. 

One Marylebone is the first stop for high end parties and Talulah performed her exceptional burlesque act ‘Down Mexico Way’ which ends in a fire performance and fire act. Talulah bowed to rapturous applause and the party were on their feet to show how much they enjoyed Talulah’s act. 

Talulah can be booked for burlesque acts, modelling, TV appearances and more through Agent Burlieque. 

Silk and feather fan dancing
Fire: body burning/ eating/ breathing
Hula Hoop
Wax Pouring
Body Stapling