Agent Burlieque offer many show packages to work within your budget.

We think of performance like wine. The more money you throw at it the better quality you get. You can of course purchase wine off the shelf in your local supermarket, OR you can go to a wine dealer.

At Agent Burlieque we are the wine dealer. Except we deal with world class burlesque dancers.

We represent the very best in the burlesque industry and our team of stage managers, promoters, event organisers, decor experts and unique event specialists will make sure that your event or show runs seamlessly. You will have the time to mingle with your guests while we take on the bulk of the work, iron out any last minute issues and produce the finest show you will have ever seen.

Burlesque show: Our burlesque shows are glamorous, sumptuous occasions. Our hosts are exceptionally experienced at holding burlesque audience’s attention and know how to instruct the viewers in the ‘Burlesque whoop and cheer’. Burlesque audiences are often loud and unruly and the energy that is encouraged in them is given to them by a host who knows how to get them eating out of the palm of their hand.

Our burlesque shows star the finest performers form the UK burlesque circuit, many of them international award winners and all of them clad in the finest outfits. We at Agent Burlieque pride ourselves on our representation and if there is a specific style in mind for a performer then we are more than able to source the best performer in the industry for you.

Fitting to theme is something we are very used to doing and themes include Vintage, circus, Big Top, Moulin Rouge, Wild West and many many more.

When planning a burlesque show with our client we carefully cast together to make sure that we have a careful balance of performers and that each act is unique and different from the burlesque act before.

Our shows usually consist of ten five minute acts by five different performers and we have one host who introduces each burlesque performer. The host also usually opens and closes each half of the show with a song and we have a twenty minute interval between the first and second halves.

We can also plan a burlesque night which consists of walkabout entertainment. Think girls bathing in champagne glasses and burlesque dancers performing with fans as your guests arrive. We often find that our Guinness world record breaking hoopers and vaudevillian sword swallowers as well as fire breathers, up close magicians and hilarious up close comedic mind readers are perfect ways to greet your guests for drinks receptions.

Throughout the evening instead of a full a show you might continue with a band and dj and have our performers either decorate the space with their live performance or take to the stage at separate intervals to perform their acts while the guests take a five minute break from dancing and mingling to watch the beautiful entertainment.

Your evening is YOUR evening. Whatever your vision we would love to help plan with you. We take pride in getting to know you and what your vision for your burlesque evening consists off. We build proposals with burlesque dancers for you to look at and it is then up to you to pick and chose who you would like as part of your evening. It is like going for shopping for burlesque dancers, YOU are the one who choses from our selection of performers that we put for your evening.

We supply burlesque shows for birthday parties, Christmas Parties, Corporate shows, corporate entertainment, Weddings, Stag Do’s, Hen Parties, anniversarys and for private parties.

If you would like to see an example of our line ups please give us a shout by email to

We really look forward to hearing from you.

The team at Agent Burlieque